Expiring Time Of A Trial NFT

Before playing the game, a user shall obtain the expiring time of its trial NFT to determine whether the current game round and the upcoming expiration reminder are supported, and avoid expiration of the trial when the game round is on.

getRentInfoById: it supports obtaining the trial NFT information. Examples are as follows:

const nftAddress = '0x80b4a4da97d676ee139bada2bf757b7f5afd0644'
const tokenId = 132

// qurey rent info
const result = await renteroNFT.getRentInfoById(nftAddress, tokenId)

// result example
  lease: {
    renter: '0x431b4ca18e269fc7e1f5af49b9f4e2af683f6207',
    lender: '0x576687d59d191a9b20110fb3e126dbf27d8e42e0',
    expires: '1660638300'

The game platform shall regularly query the NFT trial status and expiring time

If the above two ways to obtain information about trial NFT through SDK cannot satisfy the demands of the game developer, the game developer may directly invoke our TheGraph service to obtain the information of all FirstPlay trial NFT orders. For details, see Introduction and Use of Rentero TheGraph Service.

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