Games have often been the first application that helps any new consumer technology to attract adoption. Blockchain technology strengthens the credibility of game assets and facilitates asset trading process by not requiring the asset holder to obtain permission from the asset issuer to complete the transaction. Therefore, the market size of blockchain games is expected to expand rapidly.At present, there are only millions of blockchain game users.The key to expanding the market size lies in attracting new users in a large number. However, there are many barriers that keep gamers from entering blockchain games. The biggest among all is gamers having to purchase NFTs to access most play-to-earn blockchain games offered by the current GameFi market. And what’s more, the gamers usually know little about the playability, required skills and strategies, and play-to-earn tokenomics before they spend real cryptocurrencies on the NFTs.

As a blockchain game platform, FirstPlay empowers gamers to try and experience games at zero barrier by providing them gameplay guides and a chance to have a temporary access to the game assets to try the games at zero cost. It lowers the "decision barrier" and "action barrier" for users to enter a game. On the other hand, FirstPlay helps the game developers greatly improve the conversion rate of ‘potential to participating/paying users’.

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